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Modern Life and postural yoga have forgotten about the softness of femininity.

We are receptive, we are yin, we nourish others, we ebb and flow with our moon cycles and the cycles of nature.

We naturally drop deeply into connected states of being.

Becasue we've ben entrained to act in a more masculine way, living in a world that is fast and overstimulating we may have been to busy to notice that we havent nourished ourself deeply, too busy to notice we may have lost touch with our womb.

Deepening your Womb Connection provides a sacred time and space to re-establish that feminine womb awareness.


We will take time exploring the heart-womb connection, using gentle seated and reclining flows. Venture on guided journeys deep within to feel out our feminine terrain and bless our sacred organs.


We will learn simple and gentle yogic movements and techniques to bring energy to the pelvic space, flooding our feminine centers with prana and healing. Practices you can take away and work with to bring greater awareness and health into your womb and your life. 


Sit in a comfy position, or lie down on your bed with a hand over your womb space and one over your heart centre. Place your awareness on your womb, dropping into your sacred space there...Then inhale your awareness up to your heart centre - pausing there. Then exhale your awareness down to your womb - pausing here.. Then inhale up to your heart. There is a sacred flow between these two special centres, see if you can feel that river flowing...and float away on it!

Deepening your Womb Connection is a sacred women's yoga workshop, offered in service to women. It runs for 2 hours and is a safe and gentle space where you can unwind, explore and share if you wish. To check the dates of upcoming workshops please click HERE or join the mailing list below. For any other questions please feel free to contact Chaitanya on 0413 811 359  

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