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Whether you're looking to heal your connection to your womb or you're wanting to work through some physical or emotional issues with your womanly organs - cultivating womb awareness is a perfect place to begin.

Healing the Womb is a three hour sacred yoga workshop which introduces physical exercises, meditations and explorations to help you connect and guide healing energy to your womb.

This workshop offers a sacred and nourishing space to learn and share and  an opportunity to gather some inspiration on your healing journey.

Suitable for all women, especially those working through illness or post hysterectomy, the workshop will help you develop nourishing practices that cultivate awareness and vitality for your feminine body. Of course working with medical professionals such as doctors or Chinese Medicine Practitioners is recommended when moving through health imbalances.


Sit in a comfy position, or lie down on your bed with your hands resting gently over your womb. Take a few moments to deepen your breathing and relax. Then as you exhale, bring your awareness down to the womb space and gently smile down to it. You can smile on the outside, or the inside, just really feel the love shining down, filling up your womb. Take as long as you like here, just sending that attention and love to your womb guides the healing energy into the organs, encouraging the journey back to balance.

Healing the Womb is a sacred women's yoga workshop, offered in service to women. It runs for 3 hours and is a safe and gentle space where you can unwind, explore and share if you wish. To check the dates of upcoming workshops please click HERE or join the mailing list below. For any other questions please feel free to contact Chaitanya on 0413 811 359  

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