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Would you like to take some time to come back to yourself and focus on healing? Or dedicate yourself to your yoga practice?

A retreat is time taken out of everyday life to focus on your inner world - a period of retreat from the busyness and the demands of family, work and the modern world to simplify your routine and come back to a deep relationship with your self.

Chaitanya helps facilitate Sadhana Stays of 2 to 5 days or more in her home town of Woolgoolga NSW (pictured above). Woolgoolga is a unique place to retreat to, it has a huge population of Indian Sikhs and a number of sacred Temples for meditation, service (seva/karma yoga) and reflection. It is a town of openness and peace with rolling beaches and inland forests, the perfect place for some quiet inner work or healing.

Your retreat can take any form it needs to. There are a variety of accommodation options and beautiful wilderness areas locally to chose from. The freedom to study, practice, heal and rest in a way that deeply nourishes you is yours to discover.

Speak to Chaitanya about arranging some time to deepen into your practice, some time to nourish yourself.


There are many different reasons that you may feel the pull to take some time out and focus on your healing or yoga:


Amidst a busy life with work and family commitments, it can be hard to find time and space for healing. 


Taking a dedicated break for healing and coming back to yourself can be invaluable, especially for mothers.


Connect with Chaitanya to tailor a program of healing treatments and restorative, deep rest practices especially for your needs. Chaitanya is a skilled healer helping mums recover from birth trauma, loss and pelvic imbalances, and she loves to help women find deep nourishment while they are in her care.


Need some dedicated girl time? Bring some friends or come retreat by yourself with Chaitanya on a Deep Connection Retreat. Featuring practices to help you drop into your feminine, gentle, nourishing movement and yoga, deep nature time, dinners and meditation at the beautiful Sikh temple, women's circles and women's business. Lets deepen into presence together in the pristine environment of the Mid North coast NSW. 

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Perhaps you feel the need to deepen further into your yoga practice? Maybe you're an absolute beginner and youd like to know where to start? As well as bending and stretching, Chaitanya is trained and experienced in reaching for the stars with mantra/chanting, working with Indian Goddess energies, meditation, concentration and withdrawl practices as well as a plethora of yoga practices to deepen into feminine connection.  

Come for some alone time or bring a small group of friends and deepen into connection together.

The Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Woolgoolga 

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