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'I have learned the art of how to foster the body, I fostered the body, and I fostered the soul.'                                                                                                                 Tirumular, Ancient Tamil Siddha Yogi  

Thai yoga for healing your body


Chaitanya is happy to offer training and workshops in Thai style yoga.


The Thai people recieved yoga from India and have maintained

an asana practice that is focussed on strengthening the weak

spots of your body in a simple and powerful way.


Thai yoga has many benefits for the body and mind including:

- targeted strenthening of weak points

- vast improvements of posture

- expansion of lung capacity

- improvement of digestion and organ function

- cleansing of the body

- improved recovery times from injury

- reduction of muscle pain and tension

- improved flow of energy through the body

- improved circulation of blood

- improved moods and more serenity / connection to spirit


How is it different to Indian Yoga?



Thai yoga uses yoga poses or asanas with breath holds and focussed attention to create a powerful shift of energy in your body. Whereas in Indian style yoga we might inhale then exhale into the position, breathing deeply, perhaps stretching a little more on the exhalation then eventually coming out of the pose, in a Thai style practice we would take a deep inhalation, fully expanding the chest and holding the breath  move into the pose. The attention is held at a particular point of the body and when the need to exhale arises the pose is gently released. 


This technique is used for nearly every pose, inhaling, holding the breath and focussing the attention while the pose is held, and gently releasing. This is a very powerful combination and means that only a couple of repetitions per day are required.


With a specially tailored sequence (which may only take 5 minutes) you can powerfully strengthen your body day by day.


This type of practice can be woven into your regular yoga practice or done on its own. 




Chaitanya teaches Thai yoga workshops throughout the year she is also open to giving private instruction. Check the events page for more details.

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