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The greatest healing can take place in the midst of stillness. With busy minds and bodies it can be hard to find, and inhabit the sacred pause - the place where there is no future or past, where truth is finally free to emerge.

This workshop welcomes you into stillness, coaxes you there with sacred and gentle yogic practices which balance the mind, calm the fluctuations of the body and allow you to draw back into your womanly core.

A special space for women to stop and let go. To drop everything and discover the power of stillness and how to access it. For women who are cycling, we will discuss the powerful pull of the menstruating womb. How blood time can give you powerful access to your sacred centre. But this workshop is for all women as finding the stillness is the key to power and healing in this embodied life. 

Find 5 minutes when you can be alone. Lie down and close your eyes. Starting at the toes, breathe in, imagine gathering the energy of the toes and drop it into the depths of your heart. Move around the body gathering the energy (knees, legs, pelvis, belly etc) and dropping it into the depths of your heart centre. Come all the way up to the head (mouth, ears, nose, third eye, back of head etc..) until you finally gather the energy with an inbreath at the crown and drop it into the heart. Lie in this stillness for as long as possible - it will nourish your body and being.


Touching the Stillness is a 2 hour sacred women's yoga workshop. You can check the dates of upcoming workshops HERE or if you have a group of 6 women we can organise a private gathering. For any other questions please contact Chaitanya on 0413 811 359.

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