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What an experience to be a woman in the modern world!

Shifting and changing with our cycles, healing after birth, relating to family and lovers - playing so many disparate roles.

Can we make time to go within?

To know ourselves deeply as women?
To know ourselves even beyond that?

Do we understand how to keep balanced, which practices, activities, routines and people sustain us and which drain us?

Chaitanya offers women's circles and practices to help heal the womb, reconnect with the body and deeply rest. Then from a place of nourishment offers yoga and self care routines to calm the mind and explore the wisdom, sacred cycles and seasons of your feminine nature. Because you cant be fully nourished by the women's mysteries and shine your authentic light if you can't slow down enough to know yourself.

Coming home to your body, reconnecting with your own rhythms and the rhythms of nature gives you your power back. You can discern where you are at, where you need to heal or change. You can hear your soul whispers and your intuition comes alive. You know when to act and when to rest - and you are nourished by both. You know how to move through the initiations of womanhood, how to receive and how to let go.

Three generations of women

Our body is connected to the cycles of nature, it is deep, conscious and wise. Regardless of which phase of life you're journeying through, there are women's yoga, deep rest and self care practices to help you cultivate a deeper connection with your body, your inner world and your work in the outer world.

On this website you'll find growing resources of information and practices. If you feel drawn to learning more please feel free to contact Chaitanya who offers one on one training and women's circles as well as healing sessions and workshops. 


Coming home to your womb, coming home to your deepest self is the foundational practice common for all women. Even if you've had your physical womb removed. If you just start by tuning into your womb or womb space each morning, smiling down on her and breathing between the heart and the womb you'll be making a great start. For all women to deepen into their authentic, empowered self I recommend the practice of Deep Rest - Yoga Nidra, you can receive a download here.

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