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Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Updated: Apr 4

You never know when life is going to change.

5 years ago I felt the rumbles but I didn't know how big the fallout would be.

I loved my work as an Ayurvedic healer and was on my way to Thailand to study Traditional Thai Therapeutic Yoga. Looking for a book to read on the plane, I picked up a big red copy of Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tulli, opened it up and burst into tears in the bookshop.

Here was the message my soul had been waiting for.

An undeniable call to my life's work.

I cried some more in the car and cuddled the book all the way to Thailand.

After a decade of dedicated Yoga, Mantra and Ayurvedic healing I had realised in a moment I needed to practice and teach LIKE A WOMAN!

The penny had dropped. All the way down.

All these years Id been practicing, teaching and healing in such a masculine, linear way, totally disconnected from my womanly body, her cyclical nature and shifting needs.

Things were about to change. In more ways than one.

As I trained in Thailand and drank in the wisdom of Yoni Shakti, I noticed my body beginning to shake. I was weak and I had to rest more and pace myself to make it through. When I returned to Australia I crashed into nervous exhaustion, I was depleted and overwhelmed and could barely get out of bed.

Like a baby I became deeply dependant on my partner as I rested and began connecting to my womb, her cycles and wisdom. I closed my healing practice and immersed in daily yoga nidra, a deep rest practice which allowed me to drop so deeply into the waters of healing within. Out of the blue I heard a very clear voice tell me:

"Do this everyday then teach it."

Simple guidance, but still the next couple of years were very hard. As I slowly recovered, I studied everything I could find on women's cycles, seasons, wombs and yoga.

At 39 I was weak but I finally felt passion and purpose!

I pieced together things I already knew -

that the inner sanctum of the Indian temples were called the garbha or the womb

With things I hadnt realised -

that inversions help heal your hormonal system

that our bodies need to build adequate blood to function well

And things I was experiencing -

that Deep Rest helps our body and soul find the healing we need in a busy world.

Parts of the puzzle were coming together.

I felt, deep in my being that returning to connection with our cycles and our wombs would help us slow down, heal and deepen further into authenticity.

Flash forward, a long 5 years, and I know within my being the power of this work. I have a new way of being in my body and on the Earth. I feel deep, calm and strong. Im Nourished by my womb connection, my diet and my daily practice. Not only that, Im nourished by the change in direction of my work in the world. Im focused wholly on helping women connect to and heal their wombs and Im learning and sharing all the time!

Each year I teach at all the local yoga festivals and inspire women into deeper connection with their wombs and feminine nature, help them to realise they can practice yoga and life, in a way that honours their innate cycles, their inner needs, their own deep feminine nature.

I inspire them to drop within.

I inspire them to rest.

Im writing in my treatment room, starting this blog to inspire you to reach down deep into your roots, to connect with your depths. I'm writing this blog so we can learn and remember together how to heal our wombs The cicadas and birds are singing and I can smell the herbal hotpacks tucked away in my hot wok. There are brown bottles of oil, pictures of my teachers, bolsters on the treatment table.

My work in the Womb Temple is slowly unfolding, Im letting it take its own time.

Im still learning. Im still healing. Im still resting.

But its only been 5 years.

Im only just beginning.

Chaitanya lives and works from her home in Sandy Beach NSW, Australia. You can connect to her through her website where you can download a copy of her Deep Rest Yoga Nidra, using a remarkable set of points she learned from one of the teachers Dr David Frawley. You can find her @wombtempleyoga on fb and ig. You can find out more about the inspirational work of Uma Dinsmore-Tulla (UK) and order her profound book Yoni Shakti at

Chaitanya acknowledges that not all women have or were born with wombs and that not only women bleed. Yet there is a sacred depth in all of us, an inner sanctum which can nourish and connect us all. She wishes you a graceful journey wherever it may lead you.

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