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On this website I have endeavored to provide a rich array of resources to inspire you to deepen into health, wellbeing and presence in your womb temple, your body, your mind and your life.

Please have a look through the pages on the Resources drop down menu and contemplate what I have learned and shared over my time studying women's pelvic wellbeing.

I hope that you feel inspired to take some steps, make some daily changes or additions to your routine, and add a deep rest yoga nidra to your to do list :)


There is a lot of information on healing after birth and loss, and womb centered yoga in the healing and yoga sections of this website. Additional resources are listed below:

Pelvic Imbalances

Difficult Periods

Blood Building (A must read for all women)

Free Deep Rest Audio

Free Womb Journey Meditation


Ancient Guidelines for Protecting the Womb

Best wishes on your journey!

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