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Sadly, many women live through all kinds of traumatic experiences which impact their ability to feel safe, to open sexually with a partner, or to feel grounded and stable in their body, nervous system and emotions.

Whether the trauma stems from childhood sexual abuse or neglect, rape or physical or emotional abuse, loss of a pregnancy, child or loved one or traumatic or overwhelming birth experiences (even your own birth), if you feel like you have been impacted in a way that is still effecting your ability to be yourself- at home in your body then my heart goes out to you.

In my practice, and in my life, I see many people who are impacted in a range of ways by the shockwaves of traumatic experiences that they've lived through and even trauma that has rocked their family lines.

Often women come to see me who have processed a lot of their trauma yet the effects are still held in the tissues of the body. This is not to denigrate or deny the importance of counseling, talk therapy or various ways of exploring and processing trauma, just an observation that traumatic repercussions can still be held deep in the tissues of the pelvis even years after the experience.

Thank you Chaitanya, our first session was simply transformative and very healing!

You made me feel so comfortable, held, loved, and safe to let go.

Your nurturing exploration and prompts were so supportive throughout the session which allowed the body to share with me the trauma it was ready to let go of - A sexual trauma that was held by the body for almost 15 years!

Thank you for holding such a loving, accepting space and for helping me to connect with my body, with my womb, and the inner child from that experience, so that I could hold her and this time be there for her, protect her.  - T.S. Mid-North Coast.

Revisiting the effects of trauma can seem daunting, but moving towards healing is a process that allows us to unlock from patterns of holding and constriction and begin to inhabit our body and life in new ways that feel safe, juicy and expansive.

If you haven't talked to or worked with anyone about your sexual trauma, it can be wise to work with a counselor who specialises in supporting women whilst working together with Chaitanya so you feel fully supported and held as the journey opens up.

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All Holistic Healing sessions start with connection and sharing. There is plenty of time to discuss what you're feeling in your mind, emotions and body, touch on where you feel this trauma is coming from and how its effecting your life.

Often women havent been in a safe space where they can open up and share what they've been feeling or holding onto so even that can be a great relief in itself.


When there has been experiences where boundaries have been transgressed, it can be important to reestablish your sovereignty in your body There's always time to discuss what you are and are not comfortable about in the session and continual check ins to make sure everyone feels safe and consenting at each stage of the journey.

Hands on bodywork, can be offered to help the body and nervous system drop down out of continual stimulation, and to help the tissues of the abdomen and pelvis to start to release from their patterns of excessive holding and guarding.

This is combined with deep presencing when Chaitanya will help guide you down into the body and help you to come into a conversation with your tissues and organs and get a sense of how they are managing in light of the trauma.



Then, with gentle hands on bodywork (or without any physical touch if you so desire/zoom) Chaitanya will lead you through a practice to help to gently clear the current reaction pattern from the body and guide you into receiving any wisdom or body based medicine that is there for you to experience.

Its important to note here that although its common that women find left over and pent up emotions when they explore what is held in the body, by allowing themselves to experience a wave of emotion and recieve the healing wisdom of the body they are in effect tying up the loose ends of what was a dreadful experience. In doing so, the body is able to assume a new, more resolved perspective on the experience which is no longer so highly charged and the whole woman is then free to experience life in a different way to when she was holding all that residual charge.

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We cannot change what happened,

but we can change how we feel about it in our body.

- Tami Lynn Kent, PT, creator of Holistic Pelvic Care

If you're interested in exploring the ways and wisdom of your body with regard to healing from some kind of trauma, please feel safe to give Chaitanya a call and reach out to a respected Counseler in youroregion.

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