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The use of sacred sound or mantra is uplifting, heartwarming, ancient and powerful. Indeed toning or using your voice in any sacred manner has a deep effect on your consciousness and can be used to soothe, heal, reveal and transform yourself.

Come to one of our kirtan nights that are held every couple of months in Woolgoolga and sing your heart out! You can join our facebook group to find out details of upcoming gatherings

The Ancient Indians were great spiritual scientists, evoking their divinity within through the use of sacred words of power. Conquering the mind and reveling the powerful peace within. Still today, the use of mantra is the primary healing tool of Ayurvedic (Indian system of medicine) psychology.

Of course this medicine was known to all ancient cultures who had healing songs and chants that were ritually used to heal, initiate and remember the powers of the land, spirits and ancestors.

Chanting sacred sanskrit mantras was my true introduction to yoga. I was blessed to be called to live in the West of India with a Mantra Master who, in time, introduced me to and initiated me into the use of sacred sound. I performed a dedicated and intense mantra practice every day for almost a year, and felt that I was doing inner cleaning to allow my truest light to shine.


There are many yogic mantras, most need to be activated before use which can be done by a guruji (advanced spiritual teacher)  by solid, devoted practice (for instance repeating a mantra 100,000 times) but mantras may also be activated for you in your dreams or by the great spirit. If it is your destiny to work with a particular sacred sound, it will become known to you and the path will unfold.

My late Guruji Shri Shri Data Shri at the mouth of the holy Ganga river.

There are also many mantras that can be used by everyone. Om is the first and foremost of these. Mantra chanting should be done in a reverent way, it is a sacred practice to reestablish your consciousness connection to Source/God.

I have been immersed in mantra practice for many years and have a deep connection with the use of sacred sound and for working with mantra. I teach the basics of working with mantra in a 4 week course "The Bliss of Chanting" and am happy to give private guidance.


Kirtan is a devotional singing practice of yoga.

Its a beautiful thing!
Kirtan is chanting the sanskrit names of the divine, usually in a call and response manner. Its heart warming, its easy to follow, its uplifting and fun!
Singing these simple sacred sounds helps you to embody all that you are. The nature of sanskrit is special as the energies of the words themselves correspond directly to the subject of the word eg. Shanti means peace and by saying Shanti you evoke peace in your nature. 


Chaitanya and Chris-James


Woolgoolga is alive with Sikh kirtan - every day before the sun rises people are up and chanting in homes and temples of our little seaside town.


The Sikhs believe in one God consciousness which we are all a part of, and use mantra - the chanting of sacred words to evoke an elevated, devotional state where one can raise awareness of the God inside.


The mantra used by the Sikhs is Wahe Guru. Guru being the force of enlightenment, Wahe can be translated as beautiful or beautiful suprise!



Visitors are welcomed at all Sikh temples, morning prayers are chanted from around 4:30 am, evening ones around 6:30pm. On Sundays the Sikh community gathers in its two temples (Gurdwaras) for singing, prayer and meditation. It is a colourful, soulfull affair that begins around 11 am and continues to a shared lunch at around 1pm. You just have to take off your shoes and cover your head with a shawl that is provided. Cheeky children welcome, its a very accepting atmosphere.

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