Have you ever sat in a women's circle?

Or spent some time relating heart to heart with women?

Do you long for the company of women who will listen without judgement and support you just as you are?

It gives you a sense of belonging, of self worthiness.

Its Rich. Deep. Rewording.

A heartfelt experience.

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For some of us, its not often that we get to sit quietly in the company of other women and share from our heart about our journey. It can be a welcome relief to find a dedicated group to join and journey with.

In a circle, we agree to keep everything shared confidential and we allow every women to speak without interruption. We dont offer solutions or advise, or add our own stories onto hers. We just listen with presence and love and hold her in her sharing.

Being witnessed in this way is a powerful experience and can help us become clear about what we are feeling and what we need to focus on in the coming times.

There's always the option to not share. to just bring ourself in all our authentic rawness and be held in silence, nurtured by each other's love.

Chaitanya runs a number of regular and one off women's circles in Woolgoolga, Sandy Beach and up and down the Coffs Coast. Recently she has been facilitating Wild Feminine circles, exploring the work of her Holistic Pelvic Care teacher (and author of the book Wild Feminine) Tami Kent. Sharing practices which help wommen to connect to the wisdom of their bodies, the voice of their womb and more, these circles have been special places for self discovery, sharing, learning and supporting each other.

If you would like to join a Womb Temple Women's circle, Chaitanya is offering a Winter Womb Series in Coffs Harbour this July/ August. We will be gathering fortnightly on Tuesday evenings starting July 13th (5:45 - 7:30pm @coffsyogahub in Harbour Drive) for 8 weeks (4 circles) to drop deeply into some Wintery Deep Rest practices and Womb based practices. Please contact Chaitanya to secure your spot.

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