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If you're looking to collaborate on a women's gathering, blessingway, workshop, retreat or event please be in touch to discuss your ideas.

I am passionate and skilled at sharing with small and large groups and able to cover a broad range of topics and practices depending on the theme of your event.

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I am a passionate educator with an embodied ability to teach in the following areas are more:

- Yoga for Women's Wellbeing
   -Yoga for the cycle
   -Yoga for fertility
   -Yoga for connecting to your Yoni/Womb/Deep feminine
   -Yoga for menopause 
- Yoga as a therapeutic practice
- Yoga to balance anxiety
- Deep Rest Practices of Yoga- Yoga Nidra
- Mantra, the use of sacred sound in Yoga
- Goddesses and Gods of Yoga and related mantra work
- Chakras, marma points and Nadis in Yoga practice
- Kirtan, the devotional singing practice of Yoga (i can lead kirtans and have various instruments)

- Ayurvedic self massage for self healing
- Indian Head Massage or Partner massage
- Ayurvedic Daily routines for maintaining health and balance in a crazy world
- Simple Ayurvedic food - healing with kitcharee
- How to make traditional Indian Masala Chai 

- And so much more...


Initiated in India in 2006 into Tantric Sadhana by Shri Shri Daata Shri
Dedicated Yogini with over a decade of dedicated practice
Australia's only teacher of Thai Traditional therapeutic Yoga Russei Datton in 2015

200hr Shakti Purna Women's Yoga teacher trained with Bliss Baby Yoga in 2016 including training for:
- Yoga for the menstrual cycle
- Active and restorative Yoga asan
- Yoga for menopause
- Yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine perspectives on healing the womb
- Advanced Studies in Yoga, Ayurveda and Mantra - the Ayurvedic application of Yoga with David Frawley through the Vedic Institute of America.
Regular Yoga workshops for women 2016-2018
Teach large groups every year at the Yamba, Port Macquarie Yoga Festivals
Performed last 8 years at Woolgoolga Curryfest and also taught yoga and led various classes at the event.
Collaborating and leading numerous Yoga, Tantric Mantra and Ayurveda events and retreats since 2008
Apprenticed to Peter Noblett at the Kalari Ayurveda Healing Centre in Highett Victoria in 2010 learning:
   -Traditional Kalari South Indian Healing Marma Massage with herbs and medicinal oils
   -Shirodhara Ayurvedic healing treatment
   -Preparation of herbal oils and kizzhi
9 years experience with this Rare and Ancient healing modality
Studied with one of the most respected Ayurvedic teachers David Frawley in the Ayurvedic Application of Yoga:
   -Healing use of mantras
   -Healing use of asanas
   -Healing use of pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation and concentration
Regular application of Ayurvedic principles and daily routines since 2010

Currently studying with Robert Svoboda USA

Leading women's circles of various kinds since 2016
Shakti Purna YTT specialty training around women's health and Yoga.
Hands on healing work with women since 2010
Year long Rites of Passage initiation with Gail Burkett USA 2018-2019
Training in Journey of Young Women for facilitating young girl's circles 2018-2019
Certified in Holistic Pelvic Care, the work of Tami Lynn Kent in 2019 including:
   -meditational and visualisation processes around women's health, womb connection etc..
   -internal inravaginal, myofacial healing techniques to help women to reclaim their body and their feminine power.

Trained in Specialist Practices of Birth Healing with Lynn Schulte PT from The Institute of Birth Healing USA.

Shared Women's Sacred Yoga and Womb Focussed Education at numerous Yoga Festivals and Workshops over since 2015.


email me or drop me a line 0413 811 359

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