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Thats OK. So much healing can be found in online sessions.

Online sessions can cover healing from birth, difficult and traumatic birth, miscarriage and loss, reconnection, pelvic pain and trauma, emotional recovery from c-section, hysterectomy and other pelvic surgeries, pregnancy and birth preparation, fertility, relational patterns, self doubt and your own birth as well as explorations into your own feminine presence, intuition and power.

If you want to deepen your connection to your body and your feminine power and heal from the grip of your past experiences and upbringing, book a zoom healing session with Chaitanya.

Sessions run for an hour and allow time for connection and sharing as well as an in depth guided healing process which always unfolds with your unique inner needs and process.

Discover your innate resilience in these special online womb healing sessions. As you come into presence with your own womb center and what she has to show you, you'll discover your own rich healing power and the reflief that inner medicine brings.

Copy of Copy of ZOOM YOUR WOMB.png
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