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Since 2013 I have been writing down devotional and sacred poems which I 'catch' in special times - when I am immersed in sadhana (spiritual yoga practice) and when I am bleeding. 

A collection of these special pieces have been published in the recent book Wellbeing Goddess by Kylie Terraluna. This book about the 10 Tantric Wisdom Goddesses features poems from my own trantric sadhana and can be purchased here.

Lajja Maa - Hindu Birthing and Fertility Goddess

Lajja Maa
Disrupt this game
With the sudden bloom

Of the brilliant truth
Remove my mind, my name, myself
I am wholly changed
I am opened wide.
These words travel
On silent pathways
The depths are rich with knowing.
Float on the waves - 
Sink in the depths -
The body will show us
How to reach for the God.
Swallow me down.
This deathly trance
Stills me silent to my core.
Daughter of the void
Becomes the void herself.
This exquisite darkness.
This spaciousness within.
This body
Is a gateway home.
This wound!
This glorious wound.
Ripe like a gourd

Whose seeds shake my foundations
And journey me into regions
Far beyond belief.
Mother Bagala
You saw me coming

Across the globe
This way and that, down winding streets
You drew me to you
Swathed in yellow
Kept in a cage
A porcelain face, larger than life
And a flow of devotees offering gifts.

You went to war on my mind
Unleashed your power - 
A lightening strike
Never Undone

Oh mother!
You drew me here
Across the globe
To silence my mind
And send me on my way
Forever in my heart

I sing your praises.

Mahavidya Bagalamukhi

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