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Hi there! Im Chaitanya (pronounced chay-tania).


I work with women to help them heal from the immensity of pregnancy and birth, the discomfort of pelvic pain and imbalances, heart-wrenching loss and trauma and the emotional fallout that we experience as we journey though all these things.


I help women heal emotionally and physically and in the process, rekindle a connection with their body and womb and to acknowledge and embrace their inner power.


If you'd like to work together please contact me and we can book a session in person or online.

Based in Woolgoolga (and practicing up and down the Mid North Coast NSW), Australia, I am a skilled bodyworker and holistic healer and support my clients with self care practices from Yoga and Ayurveda, specially tailored to the needs of the feminine body.  


As women, we have vastly different needs to men, our bodies are engaged in cyclic rhythms and we transit through a vast number of roles as we journey through life. Given the state of the modern world, women have become prone to imbalances which create pain and disturbances, particularly in their womb and pelvic organs.

I am so grateful to be able to weave all these practices together and share my passion and love to help women reconnect and heal into deeper levels of ease and authenticity.

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