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The womb is more than just our fertile ground - its our creative center.

When we heal our physical womb center, and come into deeper connection with her, we can come to inhabit our creativity more fully. Your individual way of expressing creativity is no doubt unique - it may flow out in art or song, or in the way you parent or manage your business, but however it appears it will bring a richness to your life. 

I explore opening to creativity in my women's circles, a new round of which is starting soon. Click here to join or find out more.


Through my Yoga practice, then through my womb connection, I opened deeply to my creativity- first painting then moving into music and sacred poetry. These creations nourish me and capture the essence of my own evolution and I share them here for your own nourishment and inspiration. 


Recently I have shared some poetic fruits of my Private Sadhana in a special book on the Mahavidya Goddesses of Tantra Yoga - Wellbeing GODDESS by Kylie Terraluna.

This book is a sacred offering. It may be your entry point to the Ten Wisdom Goddesses of the Tantric Yoga tradition - a potent spiritual path of yoga which is a call to action, to embrace the depths of your capacity for experiential, pure, energised, heart open, mind expanded transformation. Its also full of pretty pictures!It was surprising to me to be asked to contribute to this sacred book on a subject that is very dear to my own heart and soul. When it was released it was sold in nearly every newsagent in Australia and NZ! which was mindblowing. I promptly went down the shops and picked myself up a copy!

To purchase the book online you can click here.
To read some of my tantric devotional poems click here.

All the art on this website is my own original art. Below lies a selection of my favourite pieces.

Please click on the crops to see the full images.

Prints may be available by private arrangement.

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