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If you're challenged with endometriosis or chronic pelvic and abdominal pain, I see you and I've seen how bad it can get. 

Where some healing clients will come to me with pain with urination, or pain with sex, another coming with terrible period cramps or pain with defecation, sometimes endometriosis clients will sometimes have all these things and more.

Often the woman and the tissues of her pelvis and belly are in a chronic state of holding and tension from recurrent pain and sometimes historical trauma. Holistic bodywork and a gentle, regular yoga practice may be able to help ease the severity of these symptoms- I've definitely seen this in my practice thankfully.


With endometriosis, it is common to also opt for excision or other surgery to remove the tissue that grows and binds and causes so much pain and suffering - and if you've been through this process, you'll be aware of the challenges the recovery period presents also. 

Of course, alongside these painful realities sits the challenges faced by women with endo who feel the call to have a baby, but may find themselves struggling to conceive or hold a baby to term. 

Any single one or combination of these things is emotionally overwhelming and heart wrenching to journey this road and I see you and send my love.

I can offer you a combination of holistic hands on healing / bodywork and guidance on putting together a yoga practice to nourish and support you on your journey. Please check out the resources below and reach out if you feel like I could be helpful to you or someone you love.



There are studies that show that regular gentle yoga (twice a week) is beneficial in reducing pain in endometriosis sufferers and that doesn't surprise me at all due to the effect that yoga has on calming the nervous system and dropping the body out of the all too common stress (fight or flight) response.

As a yoga teacher specifically trained in yoga for women's pelvic health I want to make a distinction here about the type of yoga that could be most useful.

Yoga for relaxercise not exercise.

Im takling about gentleness, not striving.

Cultivating calm not sweating it out.

Yes, there are definitely poses that will help with chronic pelvic and abdominal pain and we can go over these in a private session -  but overall, a regular gentle yoga practice will help you drop down out of chronic stress and therefore help your energies and blood to flow better and hopefully reduce your symptoms. So opt for a beginners class and tell your teacher you plan to go gently, then challenge yourself to go at 80 or 90% capacity (this is a big challenge!).

If there is a restorative class, give that a go and learn some of the deeply healing postures and practices and invest in a bolster and some blocks so you can set yourself up at home. 

"Yoga has helped me in so many ways to gain balance, peace and strength on so many levels. It helps me move big emotions through my body throughout my cycle snd its helped me to relax, stretch and nourish parts of my body that have been in chronic pain for years.

I will for the rest of my life keep a regular practice of the postures, breathing and meditation - its a holistic exercise that brings what is out of balance, back into alignment"

- H. Eve Coffs Coast


Yoga helps us to learn to gently work with the breath to calm the body and mind and also invites us into deeper internal conscious connection with our body. This is called interoception and is a skill that can be useful in bringing healing and energy into specific areas of our body. 

I have a recorded meditation journey to help you explore and cultivate this skill which can open up a very fascinating inner connection. 

A powerful healing practice of yoga that I believe every person could potentially benefit from is the practice of Yoga Nidra. It is a deep resting meditation done lying down and can help us to draw healing from withdrawing our awareness from the outside world. This practice has helped so many of my clients all over the world, I encourage you to give it a try for a month and see how you go. Its a good excuse for a day nap too!



Have you had some bodywork that is tailored towards your pelvic and abdominal tension and pain?

I offer holistic pelvic and abdominal bodywork to gently help you and your body to let go of some of the stored tensions and deep emotions you may have been carrying. Helping women has been my speciality and my absolute passion for the last 7 years and I've found that women with different kinds of pelvic and abdominal pain have responded well to the work.

 Whether you experience moderate to extreme menstrual pain, a lack of menstruation, pain with lovemaking, urinating, defecating, moving, pain from surgery, birth or an accident, pain from trauma or birth or a disconnect, numbness or pelvic floor dysfunction, infertility I welcome you to consider and try some Holistic Bodywork sessions and see if your situation improves.

“I could write a novel about all the ways Chaitanya has helped me, but I’ll keep to the point. I have endometriosis which significantly impacts my daily life. Without fail, every time I have been to Chai, she has helped me feel better in a way that lasts. Today my pelvis felt like a bag of marbles in cement, tight yet unstable. A horrible feeling on the verge of crippling. I also had shooting pains down my legs all the way to my feet and I’ve had noticeable brain fog. After Chai’s session I no longer have pain in my legs, hips or lower back. My pelvis feels like a stable open bowl and I can breathe down into my belly, which I didn’t even realise I was unable to do before, with how bad I was feeling. Not only that, my brain fog has noticeably cleared! All in one session. And it’s like this every time I see her! "

I work hands on with women through all parts of their cycle and also before and after surgery 

If you're interested to see how you would respond to some gentle, holistic, external bodywork, please feel warmly invited to reach out to me and we can have a chat and make some time for a session together. Im based on the Midnorth Coast NSW, seeing clients from Woolgoolga, Bellingen and Port Macquarie. 


"Since having a Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and D&C it’s been a rough ride healing. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis and stage 4 endometriosis all throughout my pelvis, organs pulled and stuck together, creating a lifetime (21years) of ongoing, crippling pain. 2 months post surgery I knew my body was rested enough to get some extra help to heal from the trauma of the surgery and pelvic dysfunction. After one session I could feel the tension still left from the trauma of surgery melting away, tight joints in my pelvis (sacrum) softening and releasing. I felt like the blood flow was finally returning to the parts of my traumatised body that so desperately needed it! It’s going to be a bit of a journey still to full recovery but I feel so blessed and grateful that I am able to see Chaitanya for help with this. I already feel a noticeable difference that means the world to me! There is no one like her! I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with pelvic issues! Do yourself a solid, go to her, let your body be held, seen and nourished in a safe, sacred space!"

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