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Chaitanya offers gentle external bodywork to help release pelvic imbalances, releave pain, optimise spaciousness in the abdomen and help you feel great and supported your growing body.

"Chai shared a pregnancy bodywork session with me recently and it was the kind of physical check in with my mother/baby body I've felt missing from the standard hospital pregnancy care. " - T.G

If you're experiencing common pelvic and lower back pains like pubic bone/symphysis pain, SIJ sacroiliac pain please book a session to experience some super gentle pelvic balancing techniques that have given relief to many women.



Prenatal healing sessions offer more than just physical rebalancing, they help mothers to lighten the emotional load they are carrying into the birth room.

What you carry into the birth - physically and emotionally can flavor your birth experience to a large or small degree and often, sadly, women have had (or heard too much about) previous difficult or traumatic birthing experiences. Unresolved emotional residue can cause holding and tension - both emotional/psychological and physically in the body. You definitely cant change the past but you can change the way it is felt in the body and that is what bodywork and Holistic Pelvic Care sessions before birth are great for.

Pregnancy Dress

"Drawing my attention to feeling deeper into my body at this stage of pregnancy, guided by her touch I was reintroduced to the landscape of my currently hardworking womb and given space to listen to what areas needed my attention as I prepare for labor. The tactile and informative session helped me feel centered and heard on a deep intuitive level. Im grateful that this kind of support was available to me now and I look forward to a sister session to accompany it after birthing and beginning the healing process" T. Goldbird 2021.


Leading up to the big event of birth, we want mama to be feeling good in her body, her pelvic muscles supple and able to open up and her mind unburdened by what has come before. 

Pelvic and tailbone injuries and previous birth injuries and trauma can limit the way that your body can move and open so its always great to have your pelvis attended toand treated to maximise suppleness and evenness and minimise tension. Chaitanya connects with the bones, ligaments and muscles externally (this is a clothes on experience) and uses gentle massage and healing combined with presence and breath to offer the body a chance to release tensions and come into a new sense of balance.

Chaitanya offers gentle holistic bodywork sessions for mamas in the second and third trimesters and a special Before Birth session at around 36 weeks to gently connect with the pelvis, abdomen, and the ligaments and muscles that support them to bring as much space and ease as possible in the lead up to birth and to welcome the mama into deep presence with her depths so that she can feel more ready, capable and practiced to get out of her head and into her body in labour.  Sessions cost $150 or can be purchased as a package.

Pre and Postnatal Healing Package. $600     (total value priceless/$700)

One 1.5hr Prenatal healing session

Birth Door/Preparing for birth healing session at or around 36 weeks

Postnatal Planning session (see below)

Two Postnatal healing sessions (2hr and 1.5 hr)

Specialised Yoga for Pregnancy can help you greatly in your journey towards being a new mum and the grand initiation that is birth. The gentle stretching, deep relaxation, calming chants and meditation of a pregnancy yoga practice can help you stay present and well throughout your pregnancy as well as help you prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for the possible marathon that is birth.

Exploring active birth positions, the use of breath and your voice in the labor and birth, these classes and gentle, accessible and definitely suitable for beginners and mums of all capabilities.

If you would like to explore yoga through your pregnancy, even if you're a beginner please be in touch. We can work together on a weekly or fortnightly basis as you shift and change through this special time.

Chaitanya teaches regular Pregnancy Yoga Courses at the Women's Health Center in Coffs Harbour. Monday nights 5:30-6:30pm. Contact the Center for bookings 02 6652 8111



If you would prefer private one on one pregnancy yoga sessions, Chaitanya offers a six week course at her home treatment space in Sandy Beach, close to Woolgoolga NSW.

6 one hour classes of movement, breath and meditation to help you progress with grace through your journey to new motherhood and get prepared for an active birth.

Suitable for beginners. In person in Sandy Beach


Postnatal planning sessions - $80 in person or online.

Just as it takes time to prepare the fertile ground for pregnancy, and time to grow your special new best friend, it takes time to recover and readjust once your baby is born. Often mothers to be spend a lot of time preparing for the baby's arrival but perhaps not as much as they should in preparing for their postpartum recovery.

It is wise to follow the lead of all the old cultures and plan for an extended period of rest and recovery after birth.

It is said that the way a mama rests in the first 40 days after birth will determine her health for the next 40 years so it really is worthwile to make a plan!

Chaitanya is able to help you plan your postpartum period so that you can get all the rest, nourishment and bonding you need.


Post-natally mothers and babies are very open energetically - so sensitive and easily disturbed. It is important to take all care in bringing the mummy back together and nourishing the mother - baby bond. Practices that support this recovery are found in every ancient culture on the planet - it is well understood that this is a delicate time and that mama baby need special support at this time. Of course the new father is tired and integrating the big change that has happened - as are other family members. Practices like DEEP REST are deeply beneficial at this time. 

Mandeep (pictured here with baby Robbie)  was cared for by Chaitanya with regular hot oil massage after her second birth . Her mother also came from India to cook her special easy to digest meals and to take care of her home and her eldest daughter while she recovered.

As soon as the first few days, the mother can start working (so) gently with yoga to help the body come back together - starting just with breathwork and gentle pelvic floor work, moving in the direction of the natural healing process. As time progresses the mother can incorporate gentle post natal yoga practices to help with moving in that healing direction as well as recovering from the strains that pregnancy puts on the body.


Although you may feel a burst of energy in the early postpartum, this should really be spent on making milk, feeding and bonding with your baby and resting/healing from the birth. To make this a reality, you may want to arrange some extra support for you and your family during this time. Post partum doulas are available that can help you with your household duties, take care of older children and prepare nutritious meals. You can also arrange your friends to give you support in ways that are simple for them to offer and you to receive.

The digestive fire is very low after birthing, so foods that are warm and easily digested like soups, kitcharee and rice porridge are good options. Chaitanya is able to talk to you about preparing foods that are going to help you heal rather than put a heavy load on your delicate system at this time.

If you're expecting a new baba, please consider a postpartum planning session to learn how to get the most out of your postpartum by doing the absolute minimum!

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