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Listen to Chaitanya sharing about the importance of building blood for pelvic wellbeing on the Womb Centered Healing Podcast:
You can read about blood building here.

You can find all of these podcasts on Spotify and other places where you source your podcasts.

In this podcast, Chaitanya shares about taking a multifaceted approach to healing prolapse which effects almost 50% of women at some stage:

This podcast was recorded before Chaitanya was trained in Holistic Pelvic Care and Birth Healing. Since practicing this holistic pelvic bodywork and also being exposed to the work of UK Physio Anna Crowle she is convinced that working to release tension and scar tissue in the pelvic floor is exteremly important in healing prolapse in many cases. If you are experiencing prolapse please check out Anna's work the attached interview is awesome:

You can also listen to Chaitanya talking with Shelley from Pollination Mammas about womb healing, women's yoga and more here.

(The above interview is a really great interview with Physio Anna Crowle about healing prolapse. This interview has nothing to do with Womb Temple) but Chaitanya feels it is very important information for anyone effected by prolapse.

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