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Motherhood is hard work!  Chaitanya loves to treat mothers of all ages and help them find the healing they need in all stages of life.

Regardless of how long ago you birthed or how many kids you have, there may still be some unresolved emotional or physical trauma from your birth experiences. Common things that mothers come and see me with are:

  • lower back pain that started years ago after one of their births

  • pain they name as sciatica which may travel down their leg

  • disconnect with one child who may have had a traumatic birth

  • disconnect with their partner

  • pain with lovemaking

  • depletion and fatigue

  • emotional distress around all kinds of things!!

  • feeling the need for deep nourishment

  • perimenopausal symptoms

  • incontinence or occasional incontinence

  • prolapse or other pelvic imbalances

  • feeling unsupported

  • pain or back pain from c section or episiotomy scarring

  • trauma from birth or historical abuse

  • difficulties with parents or ancestral patterns


Dont feel bad that you may have waited a long time to seek out help around any of these kinds of issues. Its so common and understandable to put yourself last on the long list of things to do.

But its so important to take action to ensure that you are moving in the direction of healing, nourishment and support from now onwards, as you really deserve this and need to model this kind of self care to your family too.

Regardless of what you're going through, please reach out if you feel you could benefit from some healing.



If you delivered your baby via a c-section or had a tear, episiotomy or pelvic or abdominal surgery (including hysterectomy or repairs there are additional reasons to work with a healer or pelvic floor physio regardless of how long ago surgery or birth was for you.

As scars form adhesions and stick to the surrounding tissues and organs, they can cause lines of tension which pull on surrounding and even far away structures causing displacement of organs (such as prolaspe), incontinence and urges to pee as well as lower back pain and pain with sex.

Some of these symptoms only rear their ugly heads decades after the original surgery!

Chaitanya is able to help you with healing your scars so that they dont create troubles for you now and in the future. It is very important not to ignore this aspect of healing and very beneficial to address it. Reach out if you feel like you have some scars that might need tending and learn how to tend these yourself as that's an important skill to put to use!



When parents in the birth room (or before or after birth) feel that things are out of control, that their lives are in danger, or they are not being listened to or respected or they are in terrible pain, this can register in the body and psyche as a traumatic experience. These days up to a third of births are officially classified as traumatic but really a birth experience is traumatic if the mother feels that it is.

My heart goes out to you if you've had a terrible or traumatic experience, no matter how big or small or how long ago. Perhaps you had a traumatic entry into the world yourself?

In response to trauma, the body and mind create holding patterns to allow us to move on with life, even if we havent finished processing the experience. This leaves many women in chronic physical and emotional pain that often doesnt resolve fully by only talk therapy or only clinical bodywork. Chaitanya works at the intersection of the emotions and the body, welcoming any emotions or revelations that arise in the healing process.

Although we cannot change what we have lived through, we can change how we feel about it in our bodies and minds - this is the healing work that most people come for.

Often women do not identify their births as being particularly traumatic, yet the impact of the pregnancy and birth is still held in the body. Working with Chaitanya to help release places of holding and reestablish strength and response in the pelvic floor and abdomen help resolve subtle trauma and reestablish a great connection with the energy of the birth and your child.

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