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For a lot of women, periods bring a lot of pain and disturbance to their lives. What is meant to be a natural and pain free process can end up bringing torment and dis-ease when the balance is broken.

If your cycle is causing you pain, emotional overwhelm, or if you're losing a lot of blood, having irregular cycles, having break-through bleeds or not bleeding at all come if for a Holistic Pelvic Healing session with Chaitanya. 

Working with gentle abdominal and pelvic bodywork practices, Chaitanya can help you to rebalance the pelvic organs and come into connection with your womb and your body in a new way.

There may be a need for lifestyle or diet changes, or herbal or acupuncture support as all of these can have a great impact on difficult periods and all work together beautifully to help you return the balance.

Lets turn towards your womb together and bring some healing into your monthly cycles.

Check out the practices of Womb Yoga and Yoga for your blood time as outlined on this website if you're having a hard time with your cycle. Using these practices to reconnect and rest at the appropriate times can bring great relief also.

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