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Are you ready to recover from pelvic pain, leakage, disturbance or disconnection?
Or receive holistic support through your pregnancy or conception journey?

I work with women of all ages in person and online to help you

feel better in your body, better in yourself.

I offer supportive whole woman healing sessions to help women in the following areas:


  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Pregnancy related pelvic + back pain
  • Preparing for birth bodywork to help you open
  • Pelvic floor disfunction
  • Incontinence + bladder troubles
  • Sacroiliac joint pain and pubic bone pain
  • Postpartum planning + support
  • Postnatal pelvic recovery / Healing after birth
  • Healing birth trauma / difficult birth

  • Healing after c-section

  • Emotional healing before + after birth

  • Pain with sex

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse POP

  • Tail Bone and pelvic injuries from birth or falls

  • Enriching fertility + IVF support

  • Healing after miscarriage + loss

  • Hormonal and adrenal imbalances

  • Healing after abortion / termination

  • Healing after trauma

  • Menstrual difficulties and cycle awareness

  • Menopausal difficulties

  • Healing after hysterectomy / pelvic surgery

  • Adrenal fatigue / burnout / exhaustion

  • Recovering and deepening your womb connection

  • Healing anxiety with yoga

  • Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal, Fertility + more!

  • Women's circles and events

"That's the safest Ive ever felt" - D. Shiva


These Holistic Whole Woman Healing sessions are deeply healing and are also a wonderful complimentary therapy to work with alongside more clinical therapies such as pelvic physiotherapy as they do allow for review and release of emotional residue which can then facilitate the release of physical holding in the pelvis and related areas of the body.

They also feature hands on bodywork to help your body release patterns of holding and tension so that you can feel relief from pelvic symptoms and pain.

Sessions are available in person in Woolgoolga and periodically in Bellingen and Port Macquarie. 

A healing session costs $150 AUD and runs for approximately 1.5 hours. At least two sessions are recommended and packages are available.



​I also work one on one and in groups with women to encourage and inspire:

Please follow the links to learn more.

Chaitanya Morly-Southall

Investing in this work is both an honouring of yourself and an honouring of my work in the world.

Please talk to me if you need to arrange a payment plan or if you need a discount due to financial constraints. I am very happy to work with you for a fair exchange that can be agreed on together. 

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