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As you can see from the previous page - women come to me for all sorts of different reasons. Many or most of them are highly sensitive, delicate matters.

When you arrive we will talk about your particular situation and concerns as well as touch on any previous birth experiences.  My sessions always allow ample time for discussing your unique experiences and how they are effecting you in your body, emotions and in your life.

Then I will have a feel of your body as you stand and sit, looking particularly at the energy of your pelvis which is foundational in most of these situations.

Next, on the massage table, I usually check out your belly, any abdominal scars and tension, the bones of your pelvis and externally check in with the bladder and womb. Gentle bodywork is offered to rebalance pelvic bones, organs, fascia and scar tissue. This bodywork helps to relieve common holding patterns in the bones, tissues and organs and helps the body begin to move out of old patterns of holding from trauma and the immensity of pregnancy and birth. This is a clothes on experience.

Chaitanya Morly-Southall

Often I will then sit with my hand on my client's belly and guide them into connection with their heart, then their womb or pelvic space. Physical imbalances often have their roots in unresolved emotionality hidden in the body so I use the journeywork practices of Holistic Pelvic Care to help women explore their inner energetic and emotional terrain and work with the body to move towards resolution and release. Often takes us to the end of the first session. As different clients have vastly different needs this can all vary, but usually this is the general flow.

Often in the second session (and sometimes in the first) I will offer internal pelvic bodywork (Holistic Pelvic Care/Yoni massage) to help assess and bring balance and alignment to the pelvic floor muscles, tissues and organs of the pelvis. This internal work is always optional and is a powerful way to discover areas of tension and holding both physically and emotionally. Gentle internal bodywork is great for all kinds of imbalances including incontinence, prolapse, problems with sex, pain, tension, pelvic floor disorders and disconnection. Different to a clinical pelvic exam, this work includes deep presence, exploration of feelings, emotions and sensations (as well as being physically diagnostic and therapeutic).

Throughout your sessions, I'll help you connect deeply to your body, what she holding and her wisdom and innate desire to move back into alignment. Often tears are shed in this safe healing space as the remnants of old emotions arise and release.

Usually women feel great relief in their whole being.

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