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As you are well aware, you body and being are in the process of a complete shift. Moving from a system centered around creating and supporting a family (regardless of if you have kids or not) and changing to a mode of being that is no longer centered around reproduction but rather independence and in many ways broader leadership roles in your community.

This BIG shift brings up a lot of physical and emotional challenges for women and Holistic Bodywork and Healing sessions can really help.

If you're struggling with emotional overwhelm, fatigue, sleeplessness, hot flushes, heavy bleeding or flooding or other menopausal challenges, know that there is a way to bring the balance back.

Actually this time is asking you to reassess your life and the way you live it so that you can do a radical overhaul that will have you ready to move into the next phase of your life, fully aligned with your body's needs, your deepest desires, your core values and needs. But as creatures of habit, this can seem like a bit of a BIG ask. Chaitanya recommends taking up the practice of Deep Rest Yoga Nidra as a great starting point for all perimenopausal women. Please schedule yourself a little time to regularly practice deep rest and come in for a healing session. 

Are you having a few challenges in your perimenopause journey? Please check out the Menopause page under the resources tab for some practices that can really help.

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