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Our bodies are incredibly resilient but unfortunately not invincible to the pressures of modern-day life.

Our hormonal system, which to a large extent governs the wellbeing of our reproductive system, is incredibly sensitive to stress - including the pace and stress of modern life. With the degradation of family and community support and the pressure for women to work, we have taken on many simultaneous roles resulting in higher stress levels and a reduction of nourishing time alone and with family and friends. 

As soon as our bodies are effected by stress, trauma, poor diet or compromised health our reproductive system is effected. Basically, if something is going on with your cycles, your hormones or your womb health in any stage of life it is a sign that something is out of balance in your life at large.

Whether your cycles are irregular or there is pain or infertility, to bring your system back into balance will require help from your circle of support (acupuncturist, doctor, pelvic floor physio, holistic pelvic care provider, yoga teacher, counsellor etc..) as well as examination of your life and a reinclusion of practices and activites which nourish you and promote health / and perhaps a letting go of those things that are walking you down the path of illness and dis-ease.

It can be hugely beneficial to include a daily practice of yoga and self care as well as regular exercise and a nourishing diet in order to rebuild and reclaim their pelvic health and feminine wellbeing. 
It is also recommended to surround yourself with a circle of support - a great doctor, someone who specialises in herbal medicine and acupuncture. Healing is a journey, dont go on that journey alone!


Chaitanya works one on one with women to help them re-establish a healthy connection with their womb, increase pelvic connection and vitality and move back to balance. As well as being a certified Women's Yoga teacher she is an experienced bodyworker and healer if you would like to explore more about working together click here.

The Ancient traditional medicines of India and China understand a lot about how we lose and how we can regain our health. Chaitanya works closely with local Chinese Doctor Ben Chandler who treats with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and other traditional practices.
Ben can be contacted on 0490 759 495 and practices in Coffs Harbour.

There are often simple practices that you can take on that will help lessen your pain or discomfort as you make your way back to health. Chaitanya is happy to discuss the many ways you can move and nourish yourself to make life a little easier. Some common practices shared include:

  • Developing supportive routines in life

  • Self Massage

  • Castor Oil Pack Therapy

  • Supportive Dietry Changes

  • Re-evaluting the balance of activity and rest
  • Learning to move with your cycle / Natural cycles
  • Deepening connection to the nature
  • Womb Connection Practices

  • Restorative / Supported Yoga poses

  • Active Yoga sequences

  • Meditative / Inner Yoga practices

  • Yoga Nidra / Deep relaxation 

  • Inverted Yoga poses

  • Breathing exercises

  • Deepening connection to the womb centre

Difficult Periods? Click Here for more information.
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