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Would that bring the rain?

Updated: Apr 4

What does it feel like to reawaken to your womb?

You know when it's been so dry and then one day there's a hint of rain? The clouds start to gather and the thunder starts to roll? Can you remember how that thunder, that atmospheric pressure effects your body, making you feel excited, activated, extra-alive?

To me that's what it feels like.

An exciting vibration of power rumbling deep down in my being. A sensous awakening from below my feet through my very core, a knowing that something phenomenal is going to happen.

This week the world prayed for rain and today where I sit on my porch in NSW the sky is rumbling and drop by drop she is falling on the dry, dry earth.

What if we prayed for women? To know themselves, to dive back into their wombly waters? To live in the flow of their bodies' knowing?

Would that rumble be felt, all around the world? Would that too bring the rain?

Let's pray together for our sisters, to drop down deep and uncover that sacred spring within that wants to flow.

It WANTS to flow!

Woman you are springfed.

Don't dry up.

Pick up the sticks of your inner wisdom and follow the path to the waters within.

Soak in that spring.

Soak in that spring.


Chaitanya picked up the sticks of her intuition and followed the pull to the Womb Temple. She works with yoga, ayurveda and holistic pelvic healing to help women come home to themselves, connect with their wombs and find relief and healing in their bodies and in their lives. She is excited to hear the rain falling on the proverbial tin roof and thanks the world for their recent prayers. 🙏

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