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Are you ready to come back home to yourself?

To connect again with your deeper nature?

There is a presence and a power in our wombs that's ready to be reclaimed.

And doing so allows a deeper version of ourself to emerge.

Im ready to guide you there.

Do you feel like you need help healing from past experiences, pain and trauma?

Im there for you.

I offer women of all ages my skills of healing, bodywork, womb connection and sacred support.
In person and online. 

Please reach out if you feel that you need me.

Are you longing to recover your vitality and heal physically and emotionally?

Do you feel like you need physical, emotional or spiritual healing support?

Maybe you're pregnant and you need some nourishing touch - some bodywork and healing

to help you as you grow or prepare for birth?

Rest Assured.

There are holistic ways to heal your body and emotions, to prepare for and recover from the immensity of birth and access your feminine superpowers!

Its time for us to come back home to ourselves and emerge as the women we were born to be!


My name is Chaitanya Morly-Southall and I help women move towards Whole Woman Wellbeing  - before and after birth and all through their lives.

I believe every woman should be supported to recover their connection to their womb power, pelvic wellbeing, vitality and deep feminine connection, after birth, after trauma and at any time in their journey.

If you're wanting to prepare for conception or birth and plan your postpartum I am here for you. If you need healing to help you to recover from birth, trauma, after surgery or from illness, pain or disconnection, please consider coming in for a session. My passion is to help you open to deeper levels of health, ease and authenticity in your life.

I offer Holistic, Hands on Bodywork and Emotional Healing for women of all ages. I also share women's therapeutic yoga, pregnancy and abdominal massage and women's circles on the Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie region NSW and further afield online. This is a clothes on experience. 

If you would like to know more about healing and connecting to your womb after birth and at other times, please follow me on social media or sign up to my newsletter below. In doing so you'll receive a link to a free Deep Rest meditation that you can download :)

Its never too late to heal. Please reach out today.

Love Chaitanya xx


Intentionally, there is a lot of information on this website regarding nourishing the whole woman through yoga, deep rest and rich diet. Feel free to have a good look around and try out some of the practices.

This work can beautifully compliment more clinical therapies such as pelvic physiotherapy, osteopathy etc and is not intended to replace either these or western medicine. Please check in with your Doctor if you feel something is not right in your body.

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